Tim Douge - Iridium Health Owner and Director, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Tim is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in lifestyle modification programs for people with chronic diseases, injuries, medical conditions or disabilities. Using the latest research regarding the benefits and applications of exercise Tim aims to improve the physical functionality and overall well being of an individual or group.
Tim has experience working with aged populations, athletes, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. In working with the general population Tim provides expert support for people wishing to improve their health and fitness as well as implementing health and wellness programs and presentations for corporate groups.

Tim believes that a collaborative approach to health delivers the optimal outcomes for the community which is why he has built the collective of professionals at Iridium Health. All the clients appreciate the attentive, efficient and effective treatment provided the team of clinicians at Iridium Health.


Ryan Barber - Accredited Exercise Scientist/Behavioural Scientist

Ryan is an Accredited Exercise Scientist who has completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science degree and Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) degree at the Queensland University of Technology. Ryan has a background in AFL, Volleyball and Athletics and has competed at a state and national level, as well as in the QAFL since he was 18. 

Ryan has a passion to see clients achieve their goals through consistent and specific exercise, especially with athletes and the healthy population. He preaches the philosophy that exercise is for everyone, and can be tailored to suit people of any circumstance. Ryan also enjoys working with clients who have mental or physical disabilities and strives to bring out the best in people using his background in Psychology.


Mitch Hart - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Mitch completed his Clinical Exercise Physiology degree at Queensland University of Technology in 2016 having already worked as a member of the Iridium Health team as an Exercise Scientist helping our healthy population clients achieve their lifestyle goals.
Our clients love working with Mitch because he is attentive and calm but motivating when necessary to ensure each individual gets the most from every session. He has a passion for helping people move  freely and enjoys working to remedy musculoskeletal conditions, post-operative rehabilitation and exercise prescription for people undergoing or who have completed cancer treatment. Mitch is currently completing his Advanced Qualification in Exercise Prescription for Cancer Treatment.
Mitch has sporting background in Australian Rules Football having played in the Queensland State League for a number of years and, like Tim, he is a licensed provider of the AFL Active Program.


Sarah Savage - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Sarah holds a Post Graduate Griffith University degree in Exercise Physiology and has been Accredited with ESSA since 2013. Sarah holds full certifications in Hydrotherapy, Pilates Matwork and Equipment. Throughout her experience Sarah has developed and instructed exercise therapy programs for health and fitness, workplace conditioning and rehabilitation with several allied health clinics throughout South East Queensland. She recently completed professional development attaining certification for the Stay Standing falls prevention program, Arthritis essentials program and completion of condition specific management for pelvic floor. Sarah is passionate about fitness and well-being and will strive assist you in achieve your health goals. Regularly completing swimming, netball and hiking, Sarah's most recent achievement is completing the 12 day Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal.


Kaori Langley - Massage Therapist

Kaori Langley is an experienced remedial massage therapist who has continued training in new massage techniques and has recently been accredited as an oncology massage therapist. Kaori has a long history as a health practitioner, initially working in the field of optometry in Japan and Australia. She became more interested in the well-being of people while helping them with their eyesight and started a massage therapy course as a part-time student to allow her the time to learn the required theory and technique while juggling a young family. In her spare time Kaori enjoys recreational running and in her younger years she was heavily involved in the Japanese martial art of Kendo. Kaori is passionate about her education and has completed training in Remedial Massage, Oncology Massage, Cranio-sacral Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. This knowledge and experience means that her clients trust her implicitly to  provide the best combination of techniques to relieve symptoms.


Javier Bara - Occupational Therapist

Javier is interested in advising workplaces in office and industrial ergonomics. Recent projects include launching participative ergonomics programs among manufacturing teams of a large mine site. He is enthusiastic, also, in provision of soft tissue management, health and wellness advising.  His foundation includes clinical case management, health services management, and project lead and development of clinic and community health programs.  Javier is passionate about making a difference and achieving client satisfaction.

Javier holds a Bachelor's in Public Health and Health Promotion, Bachelor's in Natural Medicine, Master’s in Occupational Therapy and an Advanced Diploma in Pilates Rehabilitation. Javier is currently a member of the OTA NT/QLD divisional council.  Javier is a Training Associate for ErgoAnalyst (participative ergonomics, continuous improvement workplace design, biomechanics, and risk management).


Mauricio Bara - Physiotherapist

Mauricio studied physiotherapy in Brisbane and is now a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist with Iridium Health. He completed his Human Movements degree with honours from the University of Queensland and then went on to complete a Graduate Masters in Physiotherapy from Griffith University. Mauricio has worked both in public and private settings, including the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Mauricio’s has a keen interest in complex musculoskeletal conditions, including chronic neck and back injuries. He enjoys using his background knowledge to assist clients to achieve optimal function through exercise. Mauricio also has an interest in sports performance development and works closely with other practitioners to achieve clients’ goals.


Dr Natasha Alexander - Psychologist

Dr Natasha Alexander is a clinical psychologist from the UK, who is now settled in Brisbane with her Australian partner and their family. She has worked with people with intellectual disabilities since completing her clinical training at University College London in 2001. 

Dr Alexander has worked for government and health services in the UK and Australia for many years, and has carried out numerous capacity assessments while working in the National Health Service in the UK. She has also worked with parents who themselves have intellectual disabilities, and has provided training for others in working with this client group. She has a post -graduate diploma in Applied Systemic Theory and uses systemic approaches in her work with individuals, families, carers and staff teams.

Dr Alexander has experience in providing therapy, training and consultation in both mental health and disability contexts. She has ‘infectious enthusiasm’, and enjoys empowering parents, staff and carers to explore and reflect on the issues that they face within different layers of context, including multi-cultural and multi-faith environments. Natasha is also the founder of Consentabilty, she works with people who have intellectual or cognitive disabilities to support their capacity to consent to relationships. She provides guidance about safeguarding those who don’t have capacity and deals with the grey areas in between.

Menakshi (Minnie) Laroiya - Accredited Practising Dietitian

Having experience in the community setting, Minnie is able to manage a variety of conditions.  She works to provide realistic diet and lifestyle changes to assist in weight loss for people of all ages, and to manage associated chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and weightloss. Throughout her career as a dietitian, Minnie has worked with a wide range of doctors allowing her to finely tune her knowledge and expertise in health improvement.

Minnie understands the importance of individuality and is passionate about healthy eating and nutrition, and strives to provide dietary advice to increase knowledge, skills and confidence to reach patients’ nutritional goals in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Minnie likes to spend her spare time at the gym, cooking, reading, fine dining and spending time with family and friends.

Ellie Carlton - Accredited Practising Dietitian

Ellie is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Ellie is also accredited in the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach after undertaking their training which focuses on supporting people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways in taking care of themselves. 

Ellie's professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition), Master of Dietetic Studies and Ellie is currently working on completing Master of Public Health in Women and Children's health. Ellie has experience in chronic condition management, IBS management and bariatric management. Ellie has worked in the public, community and private health systems.

Ellie has a passion for helping people achieve their health goals and particularly enjoys debunking diet and nutrition myths. Ellie believes that the road to health is achieved through moderation and enjoyment. 

Outside of her clinical work, Ellie enjoys playing indoor netball, reading and playing with her dogs.


Toleah Bish - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Toleah has a passion for assisting those whose everyday lives are compromised by chronic disease and injury to help to improve their quality of life. She has has worked with a variety of patients in a private practice setting  and has experience in both home, gym and hydrotherapy exercise programming. She has a keen interest in using exercise to manage and treat the symptoms of neurological and psychological conditions including Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, PTSD and depression. 

Toleah wants to impact her community by preventing chronic disease through promoting and educating the wider community about the importance of exercise and fundamental movement development in children and adolescents. 

In her spare time Toleah enjoys travelling, cycling and trying new things.